About Us

We at Lacrosse Loft Inc. expect to be an attribute to the communities we serve, an honest resource to our customers, and a place where our Lacrosse community can grow and prosper.  We are firmly committed to growing the sport of lacrosse by professionally servicing each and every customer of every age and ability. 

A lacrosse helmet, lacrosse gloves, and lacrosse shafts.

Lacrosse Loft is committed to Honoring the Native American Heritage of Lacrosse By Cultivating awareness of Native American Origins of Lacrosse.  Understanding of the Significance of Lacrosse in Native Communities, Gratitude to Native Peoples for Sharing the Gift of Lacrosse with the World, and Appreciation for some of the Core Values Native People Emphasize in Lacrosse including respect for each other and the sacred nature of the game; generosity in sharing the gift of lacrosse with others; and integrity in playing the game in a manner that pleases the Creator.