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Lacrosse Loft Mission Statement

As a Veteran owned, family operated store, we are committed to serve the community with the finest level of service and advocacy. We pledge to provide a customer focused experience that is unparalleled at any box store for everyone from the entry-level player, to the quintessential professional.

We strive for 100% customer satisfaction and stand behind any sale or repair. We welcome you to become part of the Lacrosse Loft family.

Lacrosse Loft “From the field to the box”

3Are you a family that is involved in lacrosse, tired of the generic experience at the big box stores? Well, you are not alone. We are a family operated, veteran owned company that had the same feelings supporting our own children in their quest to get the most enjoyment out of the sport of lacrosse.

After years of sitting at practices, games, and tournaments, we listened and empathized with all other parents, players, and coaches who always “wished” there was a more specialized and intimate place where people could get the service and individual attention that lacks at the box stores and franchise chains.

We offer a knowledgeable staff, professional custom stringing, as well as an atmosphere that is welcoming and attentive. We offer the latest equipment, team apparel, and items that usually are available through online orders only. We are stocked with the finest box lacrosse equipment and women gear available.

As the lacrosse community grows in numbers, and in areas like box lacrosse, we are here to provide you with all your needs. Whether it is repairs to your broken equipment, team outfitting, or a custom string job by our professional stringer Pistol Pete, we are prepared to serve the community for all your lacrosse needs.

Let us become a part of your family, while we welcome you to ours.

Here are a few photos from inside our store. We look forward to seeing you soon!


Lacrosse Loft Products


Pistol Pete

At Pistol Pete’s we aim to create a custom lacrosse pocket that is tailored to your style of play. We want to make sure the pocket you pick not only fits your game, but that  you can actually play at your optimum lacrosse potential. We offer a variety of options for our customers allowing you to select and customize your stick. Our top-quality skills and expertise makes us stand above the rest. At Pistol Pete’s you will get the best pocket on the market today.

Peter Smyth



Here at the Lacrosse Loft, we believe that Lacrosse is an outlet of expression. We play because it’s fun, and in doing so, we learn unique aspects about ourselves that we may have not have learned elsewhere. One of the many ways to identify a player’s personality and uniqueness is through his lacrosse head.

Pistol Pete’s Pockets is where it is at when it comes to custom stringing and pockets. With years of experience stringing and creating pockets custom to the individual, Pistol Pete is considered the best in the business. With a wide array of custom pockets and string jobs to choose from, Pistol Pete has everything to keep your game tight!  Every pocket is given individual personalized attention and are strung game ready! This means that when your head hits your front door, it will be ready to play as soon as you break it out of its box! We believe in top quality stringing and pockets that are designed for optimal performance, and look good too!

With Pete’s experience as a professional player, and his attributes as a lifelong student of the game, no one will make it customized to your specifications better than Pistol Pete. Our lives are enriched when we form bonds with our team, coach, friends and community through lacrosse, so come to the Lacrosse Loft and become part of our family.

Here are some photos of Pistol Pete’s Craftsmanship (click the thumbnail to see the full size image)


What type of pocket should I have?

High – The pocket for the more advanced player. Higher pockets provide a quicker release and are ideal for the player who dishes out assists. The ability to hold the ball with a vertical cradle is limited.

Mid – The popular pocket choice on any level. Middle pockets provide good ball retention and a descent release. This is a great pocket for shooters who are looking to light up the cage.

Low – Popular pocket for attackmen and players looking to carry the ball a lot. Low pockets provide great ball retention but the release will be slower than that of the Mid or High pocket. Great for players looking to be a dodger and ball carrier.

Mesh v. Traditional?

The benefits of mesh over traditional pockets are simple. The vast majority of stick technicians can fix or restring a mesh pocket easier and faster than traditional. We have watched the trend to mesh over the years and it is remarkable. The reason, in addition to the one mentioned already, is the advent of hard mesh gives many of the benefits of traditional (i.e. pocket conformity) without the problem associated with maintaining a traditional pocket. Hard mesh pockets break in quicker and are not as susceptible to weather. When leather gets wet, the pocket stretches and sags and when they dry, they get stiff and tight. Soft mesh is easier for beginners but will “bag out” with hard passes at higher levels of the game.

This is just our opinion of what we see as the popular choice for players. It is important to understand that every player is different and therefore every player has a certain product that works the best for them. Come let Pistol Pete create your custom head today.

Box Lacrosse

Lacrosse LoftMost people are familiar with traditional field lacrosse. There is another version of the game that has been gaining in popularity locally called box lacrosse. Box lacrosse (sometimes known simply as “box”) originated in Canada where it remains equally, if not more, popular than the field game. Here at the Lacrosse Loft, we are ahead of the box revolution and offer all the equipment needed. So what’s different about box lacrosse? Well, besides the fact that you need a lacrosse stick to play, almost everything.

Playing Space: The most obvious difference between the two versions of the sport is the area in which you play. Box lacrosse is played on artificial turf that is laid down in a hockey rink (when there is no ice on it of course!). Obviously, this space is significantly smaller than a 60 by 110 yard field. Such a small area forces you to make quicker decisions, and your stick skills have to be more efficient and precise than in the field game. Also, instead of a standard 6’ by 6’ goal, the box lacrosse goal is only 4’ by 4’.

One of the biggest benefits of playing box for a young lacrosse player is in the development of lacrosse IQ, said University of Hartford Head Mens Lacrosse Coach Peter Lawrence. Because everyone plays with a short stick [in box lacrosse], you have to focus on being a complete lacrosse player versus specializing as an attackman or d-man. That is how your IQ grows and skills improve. Box lacrosse players are being recruited more and more at powerhouse NCAA schools, and one reason for that is their ability to score around the crease and in traffic.

The hardest thing to do in the field game is to score goals and good indoor players have a special knack for it, said Dom Starsia, University of Virgina Head Coach, who has had numerous Canadian box lacrosse players on his National Championship-caliber teams in past years. (Box lacrosse players) have special skills around the goal and in tight spaces. Their skills are so special that we should be looking closely at the box method of shooting and scoring.

The proof is out there. These are the thoughts of  just one coach at the highest level of collegiate lacrosse, but there are many more examples of college programs with the same ideology throughout the NCAA Division I, II and III levels.


According to the New Urban Dictionary, one definition of a field lacrosse goalie is as follows:

Adj: Someone who is a combination of crazy tough, insanely brave, and very, very crazy who is willing, and actually hoping, to step in front of a dense rubber ball that can be traveling near 100mph with nothing but a cup, helmet, stick, gloves, and thin foam chest pad.

  1. I would never want to be a lacrosse goalie.
  2. That guy’s almost nuts enough to be a lacrosse goalie.

If you are one who is a goalie, or someone who loves a goalie, you know that equipment is important. Goalie thumb injuries are probably the most common and most painful that a goalie encounters. The big question is, “how do I have great thumb protection and not sacrifice stick skills”? Here at the Lacrosse loft, we have designed custom removable thumb protectors that allow for a better feel for the stick, without sacrificing protection.

As a Goalie parent, our son didn’t like the bulky thumbs that come on goalie gloves, so we designed custom thumbs to go over attack gloves. He has used the same pair for three complete seasons, and although has taken direct thumb shots, it has not resulted in an injury. We at the Lacrosse Loft carry all top protective equipment for Field Goalies. We can custom fit our thumb protectors on any make or model of lacrosse glove. Come check out what we can do for your goalie.

Lacrosse Loft Goalie Glove



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